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Berry Bubblegum

He’s the youngest of them all and loves learning. Our most energetic and curious student, Berry always comes up with interesting and quirky questions and comments about everything. Sometimes he underestimates his creativity and ends up being in a pickle.

​Favorite Color: Yellow

Loves making art with: Crayons 

Food: His name says it all! He loves to eat strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

Berry is a Himalayan bear.

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Mint Indigo

Mint Doodle.png

Mint loves to discuss what she has learned. She likes taking her time to do stuff but sometimes she gets carried away with Berry's innovative ideas. She has a weakness for eating bananas and loves to sing and dance. 

Favourite colour: Blue. 

Loves making art with: Ceramics and prints.

Favorite Food: Bananas and watermelons.

Mint is a Bornean elephant.

Woscar Mic.png

Woscar Gonzales

Woscar Doodle.png

Woscar is calm and funny teenager and the oldest in our group. He wants to be a news reporter which is why he is passionate to share the most important stories of the day. ​

Favorite Color: Purple. 

Loves to create art with paint, especially watercolor. 

Favorite Food: Chicken Biryani.

Woscar is a snow leopard.

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Teacher Elly.png

She is the art guide, illustrator and a lady full of colour. She loves teaching, sharing tricks and tips about fun ways to create art. She believes in taking everyone on art-ventures!
Favorite Color: All. 

Loves to create with: everything she can try her hands on.

Favorite food: Chocolate.

Elly is a human from Colombia.

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